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"We are very happy with the preschool and teachers and feel the fluid and instinctive way of learning through play that is encouraged in the preschool is a big advantage. We're also glad that Eliana is being taught the importance of boundaries and suitable social behaviour alongside this." - Jess

"Thank you so much for providing Henry with the knowledge and skills he needs to progress into Reception." - The Willacy's

"We have noticed a real difference in his letter recognition and understanding of sounds." - Rachael

" It is so reassuring to know she is in a lovely, caring environment." - Simon

"Thank you very much for all you have done for Arthur over this past year. He has really enjoyed coming to preschool and the great learning and caring environment you create. Thank you also for his developmental folder, it's fantastic!" - Sarah

"Its hard to put into words just how special this nursery is. The staff have created a truly incredible experience for the children not least my son who has developed in every way since being there. He loves everything about it and we will be eternally grateful for the wonderful way the nursery has encouraged and supported his growth and development whilst celebrating his character in his time at the nursery." - Virginia

"We would like to say a 'Huge' thank you for all your support, help and encouragement over the years. Oscar started the week he turned 2 years old in nappies and crying as I left! He is now leaving at almost 5 years old a confident, sociable little boy ready to take on 'Big School' and we have you and the preschool to thank for that." - Steph

"Thank you all so much for being brilliant preschool teachers!" - Kelly

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of Harriet. For all the understanding and compassion in her difficult times. For all the support and encouragement in her learning and development. You have all played such a significant role in her life so far and we are truly grateful." - Jenny & Tim 

"Outstanding. It is such a warm, caring and safe environment for little ones to explore and learn about the wider world around them, whilst having lots of fun along the way!" - Heidi

"The preschool environment offered to children is welcoming and homely. Staff spend time getting to know each child. Care is tailored to meet children's individual needs. Their social and emotional development are given high priority by staff. As a result, relationships between each child, and their key person and other members of staff are good." - Ofsted

" Little Gaddesden is by far the best. Little things like the annual parties, trips out, Spanish lessons, music lessons and sport - make this a wonderful place for our children to flourish in their early years." - Colin

"Thanks for all the support and care that you have offered our families this year. You are a fantastic preschool!" - Aldbury Mum's

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